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Nano Bead or Nano Ring hair extensions are a step up from traditional micro-bead I tips, offering a more discreet and secure alternative.


These extensions are 90% smaller than traditional micro-beads and can enhance your hair with length, volume, and colour.


Attached with a silicone-lined bead to protect your natural hair, these extensions are secured in place with clamping, making the nano-bead nearly invisible. No adhesive or heat is required.


These extensions allow for 360-degree movement, facilitating easy styling. The small size of the nano beads makes them perfect for installing extensions near your face and hairline.


Suitable for all hair types, from fine to very thick. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and suitable for sleeping in.


Recommended use with Enlightened's Nano Beads, Pliers and Nano Hook Applicator and Clips.



Each pack contains 50 pieces with a grand total of 50g (each piece is 1g).


- 50g (1 packet) is suitable for adding a small amount of length and volume for fine-haired beauties.

- 100g (2 packets) is recommended for those with medium to thick hair, or for anyone wanting more volume.

- 150g (3 packets) is ideal for creating a full and voluminous look!

50g Nano Bead |Remy Russian

  • 50g

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