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Enlightened Hair Extensions introduces you to a realm of transformation and self-expression through our premium hair extension products.

Established in 2019 by a seasoned hair extensionist and hairdresser, Enlightened represents a culmination of years of expertise and passion for perfecting the art of hair extensions.

Our dedication to excellence is evident through every aspect of our product line:

- Through extensive research, we have tailored our products to cater to diverse hair types, textures, and needs, ensuring a personalised solution for each customer.

- Our love for hair is evident in our meticulous selection of the most suitable methods and colours for every individual.

- We advocate for healthy hair journeys by offering top-quality Remy hair extensions that support and complement natural hair.

- Committed to delivering the finest quality, we offer cuticle aligned hair extensions created from ponytails and paired with exceptional products for optimal results.


Discover the exceptional quality of Enlightened Hair Extensions and embark on a journey to enhance your style and confidence with our premium range of products.


1. Double-drawn hair extensions

After over a decade of experience in the industry, we have meticulously researched and refined our hair extension supplies to offer the utmost quality consistently. Our hair extensions are carefully cut from a ponytail to maintain the correct downward direction, minimising the risk of tangling and knotting for long-lasting wear. Moreover, all our hair extensions undergo a double drawn process, where each strand is manually inspected to remove any short hairs. This meticulous procedure ensures that every hair extension strand is uniform from top to bottom, resulting in a fuller and healthier appearance for your hair.

2. Leading Range Of Hair Types And a Large Selection Of Colours…

We have dedicated significant time to testing a wide variety of hair extensions available in the market to pinpoint the best options. We proudly offer the two leading types: European hair, meticulously chosen for its durability and longevity, sourced from European and Indian origins; and Russian hair, known for its luxurious quality sourced from Russia and the Ukraine. Our extensions come in a large range of colours to suit your preferences.

3. Leading Range Of Application Methods…

We have curated the top application methods available on the market, suitable for a wide range of individuals. The ideal hair extension method varies based on your natural hair, texture, growth patterns, and lifestyle. We highly recommend a comprehensive consultation with your hair extensions technician to determine the best fit for you. Additionally, we provide complimentary consultations and colour matching either in-store or via email for your convenience.

4. A Dedicated Customer Support Team 

You can rely on our dedicated customer support team to assist you with all your needs, from selecting the right methods and color matching to providing maintenance advice and managing your order with express delivery. We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.


Enlightened Hair Extensions also offers an incredible selection of braiding hair extensions suitable for women, men, and children.

You can explore a wide array of colours, textures, and styles to find the perfect match for your braided look.

Our collection includes hair extensions for various braiding styles such as Dutch Braids, Box Braids, Twists, Boho' and Goddess Braided styles and many more. 


Enlightened hair extensions is your one stop shop.

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