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Hot Fusion U-tip hair extensions are a classic and widely recognised method that remains popular in the industry.


This method is ideal for clients seeking longer intervals between maintenance sessions.


The process involves attaching bundles of extension strands to your natural hair using keratin glue, which is melted with a safe hot fusion tool. The keratin ensures strong and durable extensions that can last for up to three months.


Hot Fusion U-Tip extensions provide natural movement and versatility, allowing for easy styling like your own hair. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear and sleep in, and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.


Available in 20" length and a wide range of colors, these extensions are designed for a natural look. Please note that these extensions are not reusable but can last up to three months with proper care and maintenance. Professional installation is recommended for best results.



Each pack contains 50 strands, with each strand weighing 1g.


- 50g (1 packet) is suitable for adding a small amount of length and volume for fine-haired beauties.

- 100g (2 packets) is recommended for those with medium to thick hair, or for anyone wanting more volume.

- 150g (3 packets) is ideal for creating a full and voluminous look!

50g U-Tip |Remy Virgin

  • 50g

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