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Extension Type: Halo Hair Extensions
Hair Type: European Remy Human Hair
Hair State: Dyed/Coloured
Hair Grade Type: Double Drawn for Extra Thickness
Hair Grade: Premium
Process: Coloured
Length: 16" (50g) and 20" (100g)
Style/Texture: Straight
Colour: Large range, see product options 
Weight: 50g and 100g

Delivery: Dispatched 1-2 days after order has been placed.

Life Cycle:
1 - 2 years + For Virgin Uncoloured Hair
6-12 months for Russian coloured hair

Up to 6 months for European coloured hair


The life Cycle of your quality enlightened hair extensions depend massively on care and climate in your local area. Hot/humid climates and salt/ocean water lowers the longevity of human hair extensions. Hair extensions can be worn and re-applied within the above given times. Ensure to read our Hair Care Card in the hair extensions package to ensure best care for your extensions.



Our hair has been photographed in natural light so that you can see a close likeness of what you will receive. Due to your computer screen settings, the hair colour may appear slightly lighter or darker than the hair you receive. However, our colours are industry standard colours and will therefore match or be a close match to standard hair colours.



Each set includes 1 piece of the finest quality European remy human hair featuring a specially designed string that sits secure in the hair, allowing for a range of hairstyles. 

Halo |Remy Russian

  • 50g available in 16" & 100g available in 20" lengths.

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